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Cannabis News and Updates: April 2023

What’s Happening in the World of Cannabis? Here’s the Latest.

April’s had a lot going on as far as cannabis news goes. From professional sports and new legalization proposals to 420 parties and updated surveys about marijuana, here’s everything you need to know about what’s been happening in the world of cannabis in the last month.

Celebrating 420 Worldwide

Thanks to a wise-cracking group of Bay Area high school kids from the 1970s, April 20 has evolved into a worldwide festival of cannabis-smoking revelry. Huge events will take place in major cities worldwide. Notably, and perhaps paying homage to The Waldos, the annual 4/20 event at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, or “Hippie Hill” with Erykah Badu as the headliner (also known as cannabis user and advocate). In Vancouver, B.C., the annual 420 events at Sunset Beach will be held all day.

Wondering how all of these cannabis-smoking revelers plan to fit in toke time into a traditional work day? Well, they don’t! In a recent report, AYR Wellness found that stoners are beginning to treat the holiday as they would for Christmas or New Year’s. Almost 40% of participants in a recent cannabis report intend to skip out on work for the big green holiday.

Cannabis News in the United States

NBA Deal Will Allow Players to Invest in Cannabis and No Longer Require Testing

In a recent union deal, the NBA (National Basketball Association) will finally remove marijuana from their list of banned substances for players. In addition, all professional basketball players in the league may now promote and invest in cannabis companies.

The seven-year collective bargaining agreement will also end drug testing for players. This is a huge step toward integrating and normalizing cannabis among professional sports organizations.

Baseball's Chicago Cubs is Teaming up with Mynd Drinks

Speaking of other sports organizations hopping on the cannabis train, a deal has been signed between the Chicago Cubs and Mynd Drinks, making the CBD-infused beverage the official CBD partner for the Cubs. It’s the first sponsorship of its kind for an individual Major League Baseball club, according to a release from the Major League Baseball organization earlier this month.

The Lexi, Las Vegas' First Cannabis Resort, is Set to Open this Spring

A small boutique hotel will soon be the first cannabis-friendly resort property, the first of its kind in Las Vegas. Artisan Hotel (Elevation Hotels and Resorts) will be transformed into a 64-room The Lexi providing a unique marijuana-friendly hotel experience.

The HIGH-end resort will feature separate floors for cannabis-friendly vacationers and connoisseurs alike. It also plans to feature a cannabis lounge plans to debut this Spring and remain open during a large-scale renovation.

According to a New Study, 1 in 10 Veterans Are Using Cannabis

Researchers at The University of North Texas and the University of Illinois conducted a survey to investigate how many U.S. military veterans use cannabis. Using a nationally representative sample of over 16,000 veterans for the study, it has been estimated that one in ten veterans has consumed cannabis within the past year, based on the study’s findings.

Cannabis has been reported to offer several potential benefits for veterans, particularly in managing symptoms related to physical and mental health conditions that commonly affect veterans, such as PTSD and other related issues. Some of the many benefits of using marijuana for veterans are pain relief, improved sleep, reduced anxiety and depression, and reduced symptoms of TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury.

The Latest Updates for Cannabis in Texas, Oklahoma, and Florida

World of Smoke and Vape has several smoke shop locations across Florida, Oklahoma, and Texas. As we anticipate the end of cannabis prohibition and limitations in each of these states, we’ve been keeping up with progress. Here are the latest updates in each State.


The State of Texas is inching closer to medical marijuana acceptance as a safe, alternative medicine. Texas legislators have approved a bill allowing doctors to recommend medical cannabis to patients as a viable alternative to opioids to treat chronic pain.


Supporters of cannabis reform in Florida have almost acquired the amount of signatures to get a measure on the 2024 ballot, which would allow recreational cannabis for adults in the state if passed. However, a joint resolution could present a higher hurdle for passing the initiative in Tallahassee. While one in seven Floridians support recreational cannabis for adults, the initiative must pass with two-thirds of votes in favor of legal weed.


For now, Oklahoma’s adult recreational cannabis conversation has been ended by the defeat of State Question 820. However, legislators must amend, debate, and vote on bills relating to industry operations and law enforcement in the final weeks of the 2023 legislative session to determine how it impacts the existing medical marijuana program.

Marijuana Updates in Other States

There are many other states making moves into the cannabis world. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s happened this month in marijuana news.

New Mexico – Since legalization in 2022, recreational marijuana sales in New Mexico exceeded more than $300 million dollars in the first year of regulated adult-use cannabis sales in dispensaries and cannabis retail stores.

New Hampshire – Legislation allowing adults to use recreational cannabis in New Hampshire has passed the State’s House of Representatives. It is now up to the state Senate to review and approve the bill before it can become law. If passed by the Senate, the bill would also create a system for regulating and taxing the sale of cannabis in the State.

Delaware – In Delaware, two cannabis bills have been sent to the governor’s office for review as of April 14. Delaware Marijuana Control Act will become law if it is approved by the legislature. The proposed Act has two parts. Legislation in House Bill 1 legalizes small amounts of cannabis for personal use. In contrast, legislation in House Bill 2 establishes regulations for the cultivation and sale of cannabis

Alabama – The Alabama Marijuana Cannabis Commission voted earlier this month to allow 90 applications to be formally submitted. The commission will review, evaluate, and score those applications deemed “properly filed, amended, and corrected.” As of December 31, medical cannabis business license applications are no longer being accepted.

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