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CBD and Your Pets: Everything You Need to Know

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CBD products for pets can be a great way to help your furry friend feel their best. However, the world of CBD can be quite confusing, leaving you with many questions like, what’s the best kind of CBD for my pet? How much do I give them? What are the benefits, and are there side effects?
Learning about CBD and choosing the right product for your beloved feline and canine can be overwhelming. But don’t worry! We’ve broken everything down for you in this article. Keep reading to learn about CBD for pets, choosing the right products, and what brands are best. We’ll even let you know some of our fur babies’ favorites!

What is CBD, and what are its benefits?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a naturally-occurring compound found in the cannabis (or hemp) plant that has been known to provide numerous health benefits for humans and animals. It has become a go-to alternative to traditional medications given to treat or relieve a number of ailments. Here are some of the most commonly reported benefits and reasons you should consider giving your pet CBD.

Full Spectrum Vs. Broad Spectrum Vs. Isolate

The three most common types of CBD extracts are full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate. But what does that even mean? Essentially, full-spectrum CBD contains several types of cannabinoids and terpenes in the plant, which work together (known as the entourage effect ) to produce the most effective results.
Broad-spectrum CBD is made by isolating and removing THC compounds from the plant, often resulting in a less potent product and losing some of the other beneficial compounds found in full-spectrum CBD. Lastly, a CBD isolate is created when the compound is “isolated” and removed from the plant to achieve higher potency of that particular compound.

Types of CBD products for pets

CBD pet products are now widely available for purchase online and in stores with the growing popularity of recreational cannabis in the United States. Not only are there many different brands out there, but there are also many different ways to use or consume CBD. Here are the types of CBD products that are commonly administered to pets.

Oil Tinctures

CBD oil extracts are available in tinctures, usually in glass bottles similar to what you’d see other health supplements come in. Tinctures are convenient, and you can easily squirt the oil into your pet’s mouth using the applicator. If your animal is fussy, you can also add dosage to its meal when feeding.


Capsules or gel caps are also available and look similar to fish oil supplements. In fact, CBD brands often pair capsule products with fish or other pet-friendly supplements to add even more benefits.

Infused Treats & Soft Chews

Treats and soft chews are always a favorite for pets, especially when infused with CBD and other tasty, healthy ingredients like peanut butter, oats, banana, and other pet-friendly foods.
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How to choose the best CBD for your dog or cat ?

Choosing the best CBD for your pet can be a tricky decision. There are so many options, and ensuring you’re only giving your fur babies the best stuff is crucial. You’ll also want to look into products that fit your pet’s specific needs and preferences. When you begin your research, consider the following to help you find the most suitable CBD products for your cat or dog.

Quality and ingredients

Make sure to read customer reviews and familiarize yourself with the company’s manufacturing process to ensure that their products are appropriately handled and safe for your pets to consume. It’s also important to look for something all-natural, organic, and free from artificial ingredients or chemicals. Some brands may use harmful or lesser quality ingredients and animal bi-products you don’t want to feed your animals. Be sure to read the labels and check if the products are USDA certified and if it’s third-party lab tested. Reputable companies will provide the lab results, so you know exactly what your pet’s consuming.

Potency and side effects

The strengths and concentrations of the CBD product are also important to understand. Larger dogs will likely need a higher potency than smaller dogs or cats. However, some ailments may require larger doses for CBD to be effective. It’s best to start with lower doses and increase them over time, as needed.
As with any supplement, side effects can happen, but as with humans, the side effects from CBD are typically very mild and require no additional medical attention. Occasionally, side effects may include the following:

Ask your veterinarian

The best thing you can do is consult your veterinarian before starting your pet on a CBD regimen. With the right product and dosage, CBD can be a safe and effective way to help your pet feel their best. Though CBD is yet to be regulated by the FDA, many vets will make recommendations based on their professional experiences and your pet’s past and current health and age.

What are the best CBD products for pets, and where can I find them?

After doing your research, you’ll find many brands out there, but now you have everything you need to choose the right CBD product suitable for your pet, no matter their needs. So now it’s time to pick a brand and find out where you can buy CBD for pets.
JustCBD has an awesome lineup of products made just for your cats, dogs, and even horses! Your pets love infused treats, soft chews, and flavored oil tinctures. Whether you’re looking to calm your anxious pup or alleviate joint pain in your elderly cat, JustCBD is a great choice.

Ready to start your pet’s CBD regimen?

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