News and Updates in the Cannabis and Smoke Worlds

Can you believe it’s already the end of February? It seems like just last week that we were cleaning up after the holidays. The new year is already flying by, and lots of big things are happening in the world of smoke and vape and beyond. Let’s recap to see what’s been in the news about cannabis and smoke shops in Florida, Texas, and Oklahoma.

What’s Been Happening in the Cannabis Industry So Far This Year

Two months into 2023, we’re already seeing a lot of action happening. Let’s start with a few more general updates and national news. Then we’ll break it down state-by-state for Florida, Texas, and Oklahoma, where you can find one of the many World of Smoke & Vape locations near you.

Cannabis Ads are Now Accepted on Twitter, but Only in Legal States

Twitter has officially become the most cannabis-friendly social media platform. It’s become the first to relax its strict policy against cannabis-related information and advertisements. It’s a big move that should not come as a surprise with Elon Musk heading as Twitter CEO, who’s been known to partake in podcast blunt-smoking sessions.
The updated policy is supposed to enable “more brands to connect with cannabis conversation” by permitting cannabis advertisements in Canada and the United States with specific stipulations, like being licensed in a legal or medical state. There are still a lot of tight rules but at least there is finally a small shift toward acceptance of the still often taboo subject of cannabis across social media.

So, what could that mean for bud lovers like you when you’re searching on Twitter? While the new policy will mainly (and positively) affect cannabis marketing for businesses, you’ll still see some changes on your end. If you’re in a legal state, you’ll be able to see a lot more content from trusted cannabis and other related brands, especially if you’re prone to searching for it on the platform before.

News and Updates in Florida

Florida Will Soon Open the Market for New Medical Marijuana License Holders

Did you know the number of medical cannabis patients in Florida has increased by 71% over the last two years? If you are one of these many medicinal users, you’re in luck because you’ll likely be seeing more dispensaries pop up in the next year or so. For the first time in over five years, the state of Florida has approved an upcoming application date for up to twenty-two new licenses for medical cannabis business entities.

Beginning April 24th, qualified business owners can apply for an operating license for marijuana. If all twenty-two licenses are issued, the number of current Florida medicinal operators will double. This will be a huge step towards greater availability, better quality, and more affordable pricing for patients across the state. Now that’s a big win!

Florida is One Step Closer to Getting Legalization on the Ballot

There’s a good chance you might see legal cannabis on the ballot for 2024 in Florida, too. Thanks to a new political committee, The WISE and Free Florida, according to Orlando Weekly, collected enough signatures on a petition earlier this month for a proposed amendment. If the proposal passes legislation, cannabis will be available to adults 21 and over for purchase and possession. Dispensaries will be able to sell to recreational consumers as well as medical.

News and Updates in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Governor Does Not Support the State Legalization of Cannabis

In less than a month, Oklahoma votes can vote “yes” to State Question 820, which will allow recreational cannabis to be legal in the state. However, Governor Kevin Stitt opposes the measure, stating, “We need to let the feds tell us if it’s legal or illegal. We shouldn’t let the states tell us that.

Adult-Use Cannabis Estimated to Generate Revenue up to $500 million

While medical use is legal in Oklahoma, the proposed bill would expand to legal recreational cannabis for adult-use 21 years old and older. Opening up this market would be a big move for the state. Cannabis users for both medical and recreational use will benefit, as will the economy. Recent reports estimate an enormous amount of Revenue even in the beginning stages, as much as $434 million at minimum.
Some of the most prominent opposition comes from the fear that the youth will be affected more than they already are by the current black market. However, the financial implications and access for all adult users may outweigh the skeptical opinions. It may also create opportunities for Native Nations living in the state to start their own legal businesses.

News and Updates in Texas

New Texas Bill Could Pave the Way to Potential Legalization

Texas is still one of the most strict states when it comes to laws against marijuana, even though nearly 70% of Texans are supportive of legalization. In fact, several Texas cities votes to decriminalize cannabis in November 2022’s elections. Taking it a step further, a Texas Representative recently introduced a new bill that would allow cities and counties to decide marijuana’s legality with limitations. For example, if a city votes to allow legal cannabis for recreational adult use, selling and possessing up to two ounces of dry flower would be acceptable. It’s a brand-new bill that may come with some hurdles, but it’s definitely a push in the right direction for the great state of Texas.

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