Smoking Vs Vaping

The difference between smoking and vaping is often misunderstood, but most people believe they are one in the same. This stems from their roots as verbosely spoken words: smoke versus vape respectively 

The word “smoke” comes from a root meaning to glow or suffuse with smoke while vapor comes out of Latin for water drop because it often smells fruity at first before becoming more potent than regular cigarettes. 

Vaping may seem like a healthier alternative to cigarettes because the smoke from it is just water vapor and poses little threat for your lungs, unlike traditional tobacco-based smoking. 

Here is a chart that shows that major difference between Smoking and Vaping, based on certain parameters. 

Smoking Vaping
The action or practice of inhaling and exhaling vapour containing nicotine and flavouring produced by a device designed for this purpose.
the action or practice of inhaling and exhaling vapour containing nicotine and flavouring produced by a device designed for this purpose.
Consist of
Tobacco rolled in paper and lit up flame.
A battery-powered device with liquid cartridge containing nicotine, solvents and flavors, battery, heating element.
Smoking is costly.
Vaping is less expensive
Produces a strong non-pleasing scent that stays in the air for long.
Produces a less intrusive scent which can be pleasant depending on the flavors used.
Smoking related illness are for every 1 of 5 deaths in U.S
Less harmful chemicals and toxins are used


  • Different compositions: Their compositions are different. While both tobacco smoke and e-liquid contain nicotine, the former contains thousands of chemicals which can be harmful to inhale whereas everything found in vape juice is safe for ingestion. 
  • Smell: Vapour smells so much better than smoke. The aroma of cigarettes lingers in a room for long periods, but with vapours it’s gone within seconds and you won’t be able to smell them at all hours or even days later–smoking an e-cigarette makes more sense! 
  • Residue: The yellow-brown residue left behind by cigarette smoke can be difficult to remove, but e-cigarette users only need a light wiping down. The thin coating of vapor on whatever it touched is much easier than scrubbing away at your walls or furniture with soap and water because there are no harsh chemicals involved in vaping! 

Thus, the harm from smoking is believed to be more than that of vaping, which makes it harder for some people who can’t give up their addiction. Even though tobacco itself isn’t very harmful at first glance; when heated into an smokeable product like cigarettes or cigars etc., then those same compounds become dangerous and cause disease. 

But does that make vaping completely safe? Absolutely not. 

Vaping may be 85% safer than cigarette smoking, but it still carries some worrying side effects. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there were 68 reported cases of vaping-related deaths as at February 18th 2020. 

Though there are many different aspects to take into consideration when comparing vaping vs smoking, it is important to take a holistic look at all aspects. Vaping may be a better alternative for those looking to quit smoking. However, the long term effects of vaping are still unknown which makes it difficult as an option in comparison with smoking cigarettes openly.