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The Best Concentrate Vapes & Rigs for 2023

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Smoking weed has certainly gotten pretty sophisticated over the years. Some dabbers still prefer the classic torch and nail, but many have graduated to high-tech e-rig vapes or other affordable vape pens for ease of use and convenience.

But have you walked into a smoke shop lately? There are so many options, and a lot of great ones, too. Overall, it really just comes down to personal preference, what you are willing to spend, and where (or how) you’ll be consuming. Keep reading to learn more about what cannabis extracts are, dabbing, and what to look for when picking out the best one for you.

Buy these top concentrate vapes and e-rigs at World of Smoke and Vape

Here are just a few examples of concentrate vape pens, nectar collectors, and e-rigs on the market today. At World of Smoke and Vape, you can pick up any of these great vape products and accessories at your local shop.

Yocan Falcon Vaporizer

The Falcon is a nectar collector-style vaporizer pen with a battery and a dip tip allowing you to vape directly from your wax container. Yocan is well-known for its affordability and durability. Eventually, you will have to replace the vapor tip for the Falcon, but you can always stop into one of our many locations for replacement parts!

Wulf Mods x Yocan Evolve Plus XL Limited Edition

Wulf Mods and Yocan collaborated on their limited edition Evolve Plus XL vape pen for a robust, on-the-go vape experience that’s convenient and super portable. This two-in-one vaporizer pen allows you to consume dry herb or concentrates on the go.

Puffco Peak Pro E-Rig

The Puffco brand has been leading innovation and technology in the industry for years, perfecting the electronic dabbing experience with the original Puffco Peak. The latest version is the Puffco Peak Pro and is hands down one of the best-selling vapes out there for concentrates.

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What are cannabis extracts, and what is dabbing?

If you’re not in a state where cannabis is not yet legal for recreational or medicinal use, this might be all new. But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Here’s a quick rundown and everything you need to know about cannabis concentrates and how to consume them.

Cannabis extracts are very concentrated forms of cannabis that contain much higher amounts of cannabinoids and terpenes than traditional flower, providing a more potent, tastier experience. Concentrates can come in various forms and are often made by extracting THC and other non-psychoactive yet beneficial compounds from the cannabis plant, like CBD and CBN. The terpenes give that good sticky stuff its sweet, mouthwatering flavor profile.

Different Types of Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates come in various forms, including wax, shatter, oil, resin, rosin, budder, and tincture. Each concentrate has different properties, such as potency and aroma, and can be used differently. Wax is a soft, malleable concentrate usually dabbed or used in vape pens.

Shatter is a brittle, glass-like concentrate that is generally dabbed or used on a hot nail. Oil is a viscous, liquid concentrate usually vaporized or used in edibles.

Resin is a sticky concentrate usually dabbed and has a higher terpene content than other concentrates.

Rosin is a solventless concentrate created by heating and pressing cannabis flowers and leaves.

Budder is similar to wax but has a smoother, creamier texture. A tincture is a liquid concentrate usually applied sublingually or used in edibles.

Different Types of Dab Rigs and Other Ways to Consume Extracts

Torch and Nail – Using a butane torch, you heat the nail attached to the downstem of a waterpipe to your desired temperature. Most people eye it, but there are thermometers to assist with this. Once your nail is heated, you drop the concentrates onto it and then inhale.

Electronic Rig – Instead of a torch, an e-rig electronically heats the concentrates. There are many different types of e-rigs and e-nails available across all price points.

Vape Pen – Using a vape pen is the most convenient and easiest way to consume. They are available in prefilled cartridges, batteries, fillable cart setups, and disposable vapes.

Direct Draw / Nectar Collector – Direct Draw vape pens or “nectar collectors” are a cross between taking a “real” dab and using a vape pen. With this method, you’ll either heat the end of a nail or use a pen with a direct draw tip that you then dip into your concentrates draw to consume.

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Which concentrate vaporizer is right for me?

Finding the best electronic dab rigs depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you’re wondering which dab vape is suitable for you, here are a few things to consider before purchasing:

⦁ Price Point – The price point is always important. There is quite a wide range when it comes to price points of e-rigs. You can pick up a nectar collector for $30 or a high-end machine like the Puffco Peak Pro for a few Benjamins.

⦁ Quality and Durability – Generally speaking, a quality dab rig should be made from durable materials such as borosilicate glass and have a broad base for stability. Just because one rig is a lot less expensive or more doesn’t necessarily set the price, although the higher-end dab rigs are definitely worth it, too.

⦁ Convenience – Are you looking for something to take with you on the go? A pen or smaller, more portable e-nail or e-rig will be your best bet. You’ll also want something easy to pack up if you travel or bring it to concerts or other events.
⦁ Warranty – Always check about the warranty, especially if you’re dropping a ton of cash on a higher-end e-rig. Most well-known brand names will offer lifetime or limited lifetime warranties out of the box.