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We have been serving South Florida for over 15 years with thousands of smoke and vape products

Our World of Smoke & Vape

Our World of Smoke & Vape.

World of Smoke & Vape  is the brain child of 23 years of industry experience between the wholesale and retail ends of the market. All the time spent working alongside the largest distributor of glass and smoke products in the state led us to notice a few very disappointing trends in the smoke shop industry.

There was nothing distinguishing one smoke shop from another. From the green décor to the overdone Rastafarian theme, they were all carbon copies of each other, charging insane amounts for low-quality pieces.

There had to be another way, we thought. So, using our industry connections, we teamed up to build the World of Smoke & Vape.  The first smoke shop to place its emphasis solely on providing an exquisite shopping experience—from golden customer service to the highest quality pieces at unbeatable prices—was finally created.

 We envisioned a different kind of smoke shop, and we made it happen. Come check us out and enjoy.

Our Mission

To deliver customers with the largest variety of exquisite products and a golden shopping experience.



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