In the Know: The Latest Trends in Vape Technology

Vaping has evolved quickly over the years. Here's what to look for in the new year.

The Evolution of Vape Technology

Over the last decade, vaporizers have become one of the most popular ways to consume different forms of nicotine and medicinal and recreational cannabis. We’ve seen a lot of improvement from the early models that were often large and bulky to the more modern, sleek, and slim models that you see today.
As technology constantly evolves, new features and capabilities continually upgrade older versions, paving the way for even more innovation. With vaping’s popularity and variety of products and flavor options, you can walk into your local smoke shop and find the perfect vaporizer.
Here’s a little background on the history of vaping, what types of vapes are out there, and what you should expect in vaping technology for 2023.

The History of Vaping - Where did it all begin?

The oldest known patent for an electronic vaporizer was granted in 1927. However, it was never commercialized. Again in the 1960s, another patent was applied for with possible prototypes, but nothing came of it either. Eventually, in the late 1970s, computer pioneer Phil Ray (who invented the microprocessor) worked with his physician to develop the first mainstream “e-cigarette” and performed the first formal research on alternative nicotine delivery systems. The pair is known for introducing the word “vape” into the language. In 1986, the Favor e-cigarette came onto the market. It wasn’t technically electronic but was a plastic tube resembling a cigarette that delivered liquid nicotine once inhaled.

Many experimental smoking alternatives began popping up afterward and throughout the 1990s when the first battery-powered vapes came onto the scene. In 2003 the first e-cigarette, most similar to what we know today, came onto the market. Around this time, the first desktop vaporizers and, eventually, portable herbal vaporizers started showing up in smoke shops as they quickly gained popularity among users, allowing for a much smoother and more consistent delivery of herbal products.

How have vaporizers changed over the years?

Vaping has become commonplace in the last few decades, with many options to choose from, depending on your needs and preferences. Advancements such as improved battery life, enhanced vapor production, temperature control, and a variety of new flavors have become standard.

There are also more options for customizable devices, allowing users to tailor their vaping experience to their individual preferences. Additionally, many devices now offer integrated safety features, such as short-circuit protection and auto shut-off, to ensure a safe and enjoyable vaping experience.

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Types of Vaporizers on the Market Today

There are a ton of different vapes out there, and there’s something for every type of smoker, whether you’re brand new to vaping or looking to up your game.


These e-cigarettes resemble the shape and size of a traditional cigarette. They are usually the most affordable but short lasting. Typically, you’ll get a certain amount of puffs from each one before they run out of juice.

510 E-Liquid Vape Kits

When e-cigs began to gain popularity in the late 2000’s early 2010’s, these kits were the first to come with 510 batteries, which refers to the threading size that allows for a wicked (and later wickless) tank to be screwed onto the top where you load your nicotine liquid or salts.

Box Mod Vapes

These vapes feature variable voltage temperature batteries with temperature control that use sub-ohm tanks, which allow for better airflow and robust power, allowing for giant clouds and flavorful hits.

Pod Systems

Pod-style vapes are smaller, flat devices featuring a tank system that clicks right onto the battery, which is even more discreet and perfect for beginners. They come in refillable and disposable versions. The Mipod by Kros Vapes is one of the most popular brands at just about any neighborhood smoke shop, like World of Smoke & Vape locations in Florida, Oklahoma, and Texas

Disposable Vape Pens

Disposable vapes typically come in a round or flat shape, offer an easy solution on the go, and are usually the most affordable. They’ve become hugely popular and are among the best-selling vape brands at World of Smoke & Vape, where you can find top brands like Fume, Elbar, and many more.

Portable Dry Herb/ Concentrate Vaporizers

You’ll find many options to vape dry herbs or medicinal concentrates. Popular brands like Pax and Puffco have cornered the market for both uses delivering the best flavors and hits without wasting material.

Desktop Vaporizers for Dry Herbs and Concentrates

Desktop vaporizers like the Volcano have been around for decades. However, they are still sold in almost every smoke shop. There have also been several advanced devices that have come out specifically for concentrate use, like the Dr. Dabber or Puffco Peak.

What are the latest vape trends to look for in 2023?

Vaporizers and vaping technology have developed and improved quickly, especially over the last few years. We can still expect tech advancements and new trends to take center stage in the coming years. Here is what to expect in 2023.

Disposable vape pens will become even more popular

In the last year or two, disposable vaporizers have become very trendy. They’re easy to use, super affordable, and incredibly convenient. You don’t have to worry about replacing parts or refilling pods once you’ve depleted the cartridge. Expect to see the disposable trend continue as mesh coils take over and replace the traditional cotton coil, offering better delivery, airflow, and taste with each hit.

New heating technology will change the game for temperature control

AST, or “All-time Stable Technology”, patented by JoyTech, has been slowly replacing older heating methods for coils, which last longer and offer a better vaping experience by improving the coil’s temperature control.

More vape kits will come with built-in batteries

All-in-one devices are much better for the environment. They are quickly becoming a preferred option for people looking for a device that they don’t have to replace the battery or worry about losing necessary parts. Manufacturers can now make smaller devices that are just as powerful, if not more, than other vapes. You’ll see vapes with internal batteries more and more over the next year.

More powerful batteries that charge faster

Advancements in charging technology for all portable devices have significantly improved. We’re already seeing most new vapes include the latest USB-C charger, which is lightning fast compared to older charger types. The latest integrated batteries have the capacity for higher-powered batteries. You’ve got a vape that packs a punch when combined with the fast chargers.

Better quality devices will become more affordable

With various vapes with different types of technology, features, and functions, there will always be a broad spectrum as far as price-point goes. But overall, vaporizers are becoming much more affordable than a few years ago, and we’ll continue to see this trend as new tech becomes more available.

Vaping Technology Continues to Evolve with Industry Trends

The evolution of vaping technology has been quite impressive. In a relatively short time, vaping has gone from a niche activity to a mainstream one, with a wide range of devices to choose from and developing new flavors and products. The industry continues to innovate to meet vapers’ needs and make vaping more enjoyable and convenient.
As a result, the vaping experience is constantly improving and becoming more accessible to people worldwide. Don’t expect that to change any time soon, especially with the onset of legal cannabis sweeping the nation state by state.